Congratulations Dr. Jian for receiving Career Advancement Award!

Congratulations to Casey faculty member Dr. Yifan Jian for being awarded a Career Advancement Award (CAA) from Research to Prevent Blindness & Allergan Foundation. This award will support the innovative work being done by Dr. Jian and the COOL Lab.

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Congratulations to Dr. David Huang, who has been promoted to Associate Director of Casey Eye Institute!
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Congratulations to Dr. Yali Jia, who has been chosen to represent imaging on the CEI Research Advisory Council!

Congratulations to Keke Liu for receiving Medical Student Eye Research Fellowship!

Congratulations to medical student Keke Liu and mentor David Huang for being awarded Medical Student Eye Research Fellowship (MSF) from Research to Prevent Blindness & Allergan. This award is essential in inspiring junior investigators to pursue scholarly work as part of their career.


Dr. Karine Bojikian 

Heed Society Glaucoma Fellow at the OHSU Casey Eye Institute


Dr. Bojikian completed her Ophthalmology residency at the University of Washington in Seattle and earned her medical degree and PhD from the Federal University of Sao Paulo. She has participated in several clinical research projects in glaucoma, authoring/co‐authoring over 50 abstracts and peer‐reviewed publications. Her current research investigations encompass the applications of OCT Angiography in the diagnosis and disease progression monitoring in glaucoma, and the effects of cataract surgery in glaucoma patients.


Shanjida Khan 


Shanjida is a PhD student in the Biomedical Engineering department at OHSU. She earned her BSc degree in Physics from Drew University in 2020. Her current research interest lies in the area of optical imaging

Dr. Priscilla Q. Vu 


Priscilla Q. Vu, MD, MS, is currently the Cornea, External Eye Disease & Refractive Surgery Fellow at Casey Eye Institute. She graduated from medical school and ophthalmology residency at the University of California, Irvine. Her research interests are in clinical and surgical ophthalmology as well as anterior segment imaging.


Keke Liu

Medical student at the University of Hawaii John A. Burns School of Medicine - 1yr research fellow


Keke earned his BS in biomedical engineering at University of Miami. His research interests include OCT and OCTA imaging in glaucoma and retinal diseases.

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Event News

Please mark your calendars on Saturday November 7th at 8AM Pacific Standard Time (PST) to attend a 2-hour topical seminar hosted by the International Ocular Circulation Society. The topic of the ZOOM webinar will be Artificial Intelligence in Ocular Vascular Diseases. 





















The presenters are:

Ursula Schmidt-Erfurth: AI in the management of AMD

Yali Jia: Detection and segmentation of CNV on OCTA using deep learning

Marinko Sarunic: Deep learning for OCTA in Diabetic Retinopathy

Benjamin J. Vakoc: AI approach to quantify blood flow from retinal OCT intensity

Aaron Lee: Predicting flow from structure using deep learning

Xincheng Yao: AI based differentiation of arteries and veins on OCTA


Please register in advance for this webinar:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar. Please save the date and meeting information, as each code is unique to each guest.

Participants can use the Q&A function to ask questions live during the seminar. Questions posted in chat will not be monitored.    

Follow us IOCS on Twitter to keep up to date! 

*Must have a ZOOM account

Kotaro Tsuboi

MD - Visiting Scholar 

Professional Background: "I feel very honored to be a member of the COOL lab. Before moving to Oregon, I was at the Aichi Medical University (Aichi, Japan) as a vitreoretinal specialist. My research interests are focused on novel imaging tools to develop and validate imaging biomarkers in vitreoretinal diseases, especially RVO and AMD. I also have an interest in advanced image processing techniques. I believe the advanced imaging technique allows us to improve both clinical care and pathophysiological understanding.

Personal: "Outside of my research, I enjoy food and traveling around experiencing the beautiful nature and culture of Portland with my wonderful wife and two incredible children."


Shuibin Ni 

Research Assistant

Professional Background: Shuibin earned his master’s degree in electronic science and technology in Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China. He worked as a hardware engineer in industry for five years. His research interests focus on handheld OCT project and optical imaging. His goal is developping the smart and feasible system to improve the diagnosis of eye diseases.


Chinmay Deshpande

Research Assistant - M. Optom 

Professional Background: Chinmay earned his Masters of Optometry from BV (DU) Medical College School of Optometry, Pune India. He has worked as an Assistant Professor teaching contact lenses & as a consulting optometrist at a private practice in India. He completed ‘Fellowship of International Association of Contact Lens Educators’ (Australia), presented his work in various International & National Optometry/Ophthalmology Conferences in India & abroad, has two papers published in Delhi Journal of Ophthalmology, and has written articles for ‘The Indian Optician’.

After contributing in a process of delivering knowledge as an educator, he now wants to work in Research-The process of creating knowledge.

Personal: Chinmay enjoys playing cricket and cooking in his free time.

Clara Llorens

Professional Background: "I am a postdoctoral scholar from Spain. I have a MSc in Advanced Optometry and Vision Science. In 2015, I moved to Poland to pursue a PhD in Biomedical Engineering earned at Wroclaw University Science and Technology. My main work has been focused in image processing for anterior eye characterization. In 2019 I moved to Portland to work as part of the COOL lab."

Personal: "I like travelling and discovering new places and people all around the world. I enjoy outdoors sports and being surrounded of nature."


Embarking with a Bright Future Ahead

Acner Camino has worked with COOL Lab since 2016 as a postdoc but has recently accepted an offer as a Clinical Imaging Scientist for phases III and IV clinical trials of Ophthalmology at Genentechin.

During his time with us, Acner has accomplished many things, including contributing to eight first-authored and eighteen co-authored peer-reviewed publications, three conference abstracts, four oral presentations, and he continues to work on two first-authored drafts. He has also developed and patented two pieces of software; one of them licensed to Optovue for commercial use.  

The COOL Lab staff would like to wish Acner farewell and continual success with his career in ophthalmology.

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In this interview from ASRS 2018, Dr. Huang discusses his study exploring the use of OCT angiography (OCT-A) to identify patients at high risk for progression to exudation.


The COOL Lab Welcomes Two New Visiting Scholars!


Jie Wang (left) is an international visiting student. He is also a master's student of University of Jinan. Jie’s research interests are digital image processing and pattern recognition.


Li Liu (right) is a visiting student from Shandong Normal University in Jinan, Shandong and is doing her master’s degree in Shandong Normal University. Li's research focuses on medical image segmentation and registration, optical coherence tomography.

Dr. Jia receives Grant Funding


October 1, 2014 - Dr. Jia receives a 3-year NIH/NIDDK DP3 grant (DK104397, $1,036,724) to develop Functional Optical Cherence Tomography-drived Biomarkers for Diabetic Retinopathy. Congratulations!


September 1, 2014 - Dr. Jia receives a 4-year NIH/NEI R01 grant (EY024544, $ 1,525,960) to develop OCT Angiography for Neovascular Age-related Macular Degenration. Congratulations!


The Cool Lab Welcomes Two New Research Assitant Proffessors


Oct 1, 2013 – Welcome new faculty Gangjun Liu.


Feb 1, 2013Dr. Jia was promoted as faculty. Congratulations!

American Ophthalmological Society Annual Meeting


Dr. David Huang was inducted into the American Ophthalmological Society in May 2014.


Dr. David Huang is presented with the Jonas Friedenwald Award at ARVO


Dr. David Huang was presented with the Jonas Friedenwald Award at ARVO's 2013 Annual Meetng held in Seattle, WA.  The Friedenwald  Award is presented annually by the Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology (ARVO) to recognize outstanding research in the basic or clinical sciences as applied to ophthalmology. 


Dr. Huang was presented wth the award after which he gave the Friedenwald Lecture and spoke on the topic of Structural and Functional Optical Coherence Tomography.  The lecture was followed by an award reception which was attended by many friends and colleagues.

Also at ARVO, Dr. Huang's mentor and friend, Dr. James G. Fujimoto, gave the Champalimaud Award Lecture.

Chenxing Zhang's research fellowship experience in the COOL Lab


Chenxing Zhang is an ophthalmologist in the Southwest eye hospital (西南眼科医院, Chongqing, China). After completing his MD degree in China, he wanted to specialized in cornea thus he applied for a 2-year international research fellowship in the COOL Lab to study corneal surgeries and related clinical research. His application was approved in 2012 and he just completed the fellowship in 2014.


Chenxing’s research work focused on femtosecond laser-assisted corneal surgeries. During his 18 months stay, Chenxing finished one case report about INTACS complication and one journal article about inverted-side cut lamellar keratoplasty as the first author. Meanwhile, he observed varies types of corneal surgeries once every two weeks including PTK, Femto-LASIK, INTACS, IEK, and femtosecond laser-assisted anterior lamellar keratoplasty. He also worked laboratory and clinical studies related to LASIK nomogram design, anterior lamellar keratoplasty, and early keratoconus diagnosis.


Chenxing believes that the experience gained in the COOL Lab will not only be helpful in learning the latest surgical techniques in LASIK and laser-assisted corneal surgeries but also be helpful in future analysis of the large amount of clinical data on LASIK and keratoconus in the Southwest eye hospital.

Champalimaud Vision Award

(OHSU Press Release)


David Huang, M.D., Ph.D., Oregon Health & Science University, received the 2012 Champalimaud Vision Award during a ceremony held in Lisbon, Portugal, on September 14, 2012, along with colleagues James G. Fujimoto, Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Carmen A. Puliafito, M.D., M.B.A, University of Southern California; Joel S. Schuman, M.D., FACS, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine; Eric A. Swanson, M.S., NinePoint Medical, Inc.; and David R. Williams, Ph.D., University of Rochester. 


The award was received for developing new approaches to visualizing the living human retina in health and disease: optical coherence tomography, or OCT, and adaptive optics technologies, or AO.   The award is often called the "Nobel Prize for Vision" and is the largest monetary prize in the field of vision and one of the largest scientific and humanitarian prizes in the world.


Dr. Huang explains the history and future of OCT in the video:

History and Future of OCT from an Inventor's Prospective


For more information on the Champalimaud Foundation please click here.


Yali Jia Receives New
Inventor of the Year Award
David Huang receives
Dastgheib Pioneer Award